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For PERMANENT hair removal Electrolysis is your number one option. It is the one method with the distinction of achieving truly permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis at Soft Touch has been in business for more than 25 years on Union Square in downtown San Francisco. We have 3 electrologists, offering Monday through Saturday day and evening appointments. Our staff will be happy to give you information about every aspect of Electrolysis. Soft Touch is a premiere Electrolysis Clinic located in the heart of San Francisco, that has made a permanent and very positive improvement in our client's lives.

Consultations are free and with no obligation. Our consultation explains the electrology process, your questions will be answered, a sample of our electrolysis treatment (in the area of your choice) will be offered, and you will receive an informative brochure with additional information answering frequently asked questions about the electrolysis process.

Electrolysis works on any skin or hair color, unlike laser hair removal which works optimally on light skin with darkly pigmented hair.

Soft Touch uses modern state of the art equipment Silhouette-Tone Sequentium (VMC). This machinery utilizes micro-pulsed current, which makes for a fast, accurate and comfortable treatment. We also offer the Blend method and manual Thermolysis techniques. All three Electrologists' use advanced optical and lighting technologies to insure the most accurate treatments possible.

If you select Electrolysis at Soft Touch permanent hair removal, your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner.  For all appointments and consultations call (415) 391-8929 and see what a great improvement Electrolysis can have for your skin and self–confidence.

We also offer skin care specializing in management of Rosacea and Aging skin due to environmental stress. Learn More


Electrolysis: Working Wonders to Reveal Your Natural Beauty

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